Feis Day FAQ's

Helpful Info for the Big Day

Is there a charge this year to enter the historic village portion of the grounds?


For anyone who needs clarification as to why there is an entrance fee to the HISTORIC VILLAGE portion of the grounds,  please read:

The grounds of GCVM are essentially organized into two large sections, a front loop (where our feis takes place) and an adjacent Historic Village (with live actors present in historic clothing).  The entrance to the Historic Village is through the red covered archway at the back of the front loop.  Last year our feis took place during the "offseason" (November), during a pandemic.  The historic buildings were CLOSED and the live history actors were not present.  This is why we were graciously allowed to walk the grounds of the Historic Village at no additional cost during last year's feis.  This year, our feis takes place during a normal open operating day for the museum! There will be actors present in the Historic Village, the buildings will be open for learning and exploration, and therefore a fee is required to enter that section of the grounds. We are proud to support this wonderful institution and encourage everyone to enjoy not just the front loop where the feis is held, but the adjacent Historic Village as well! 

Is there an indoor space to warm up before dancing?


Will the prelim/champs dance one at a time? How soon after check-in do they start?

They will dance two at a time.

What indoor safety precautions are in place?

Our ballrooms both have two sets of doors to the outside which will remain open at all times, ensuring excellent fresh-air ventilation. We have 2-4 HEPA-13 commercial grade air purifiers in place in both rooms as well.  Chairs have been placed in pairs, 6' apart for distancing.  Mask policy will be compliant with the Museum's policies at the date of our feis, we will update this as our date approaches.

Where do I get my award?

Results for the grades competitions (beginner, advanced beginner, novice, prizewinner) will be posted on our social media (which is also on this page below for anyone who does not use Facebook/Instagram). There will be a table near the museum entrance/check-in desk where you may pick up your medals!  All prelim/champ awards/results will be announced and distributed at the Freight House just next to the Meeting Center (see map).

Will you have vendors?

Yes! Our 2020 vendors are Rutherford Shoes and Head for the World, they will be located in the Meeting Center.