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Feis Day FAQ's

Helpful Info for the Big Day

What time does the feis start?

Doors open at 7:30am, dancing commences at 8:30am.

When do I arrive for my dances?

We will try to stay as close to our listed schedule as possible. But it is helpful to arrive early as our stages are in two separate buildings. This will give you the chance to set up camp and get to know the layout.

Will you have dancer number cards?

Yes, please stop by the desk in the Meeting Center lobby to pick up your dancer number card.

What size are the stage rooms?  Is camping allowed?

We have one building for grades, one for prelim/champ.  Because the space inside the buildings is somewhat limited, please try to avoid setting up indoor camping unless your competition is underway. There is seating available at the grades stages and at the prelim/champ stage so you will not have to bring folding chairs or lawn chair indoors to watch your child dance. 

We have IMMENSE outdoor space, so please feel free to bring chairs/tent/popups/etc for use in the large lawn space between the Meeting Center (Prelim/Champs/Awards/Vendors) and the Exhibition Barn (all grades and ceili competitions). 

Do the Prelim/Champs start with softshoe or hardshoe?

All of the preliminary and open championship competitions start with SOFTSHOE FIRST.

Will prelim/champs dance two or three up at a time?

Two up at a time. All ages. Prelim and champ.

Where do I get my award?

Results for the grades: Posted at the Meeting Center.  There will be a table in the Meeting Center lobby to pick up your medals. 

Results for prelim/champ: Awards will be announced and handed out near the Gazebo.  If raining, we will move awards to the Meeting Center. 

Will you have vendors?

Yes! They will be located in the Meeting Center.  The Museum also has THE CUTEST gift shop next to the Meeting Center with candy, toys, books, and holiday/home decorations.  A must see!

Is there food on site?

The BAR in the Meeting Center will be open 10am-4pm and takes cash/credit cards. Service soda, water, beer, wine, cider. The Food Truck is onsite 10am-4pm. You may bring your own food as well.

Is there a dress for sale rack?

Yes, the dress sale rack will be in the Meeting Center. Find that special dress in time for MARO!

Can I enter the historic village portion of the grounds?

The grounds of GCVM are essentially organized into two large sections, a front loop of various museum buildings (where our feis takes place) and the adjacent Historic Village.  The entrance to the Historic Village is through the red covered archway, directly across from the meeting center, on the opposite side of the center white pavilion.

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