Feis Day FAQ's

Helpful Info for the Big Day

Is there a charge to enter the museum?

No. While this is the "offseason" and the historic buildings are not open for touring, the village, its gardens, and grounds will be open ALL DAY to feis participants and family (parents, siblings), it is NOT open to the general public. Enjoy the expansive campus before or after your rounds at NO additional fee.  While only ONE person can accompany the dancer inside the ballroom, ANY number of family members can come enjoy the outdoor museum grounds.

Is there an indoor space to warm up before dancing?

For the prelim/champ morning groups, unfortunately no. Arrive dressed and ready to dance at your check in time. Once you enter the Meeting Center, use that time to warm up and stretch before lining up after everyone has checked in.  The mid/late afternoon prelim/champ groups may check in at their assigned times and use the grades room to warm up once the grades stage is finished.

Will the prelim/champs dance one at a time? How soon after check-in do they start?

They will dance two at a time. The stage is large and there are two doors on either side which will be open, allowing complete ventilation to the outside in the prelim/champ ballroom. Dancers are therefore safe to take the stage two at a time, without splitting the stage in half.  If the weather is inclement and doors surrounding the stage cannot remain open, we will split the stage and have one dancer on either side.  We encourage dancers to wear masks while dancing if possible, but it is not required.  Each section of competitions starts as soon as all dancers are checked in and sidestage, the schedule displays the groups that run concurrently.

What indoor safety precautions are in place?

At check-in, a temperature reading and travel/COVID symptom questions will be asked of each participant and guardian.  In BOTH ballrooms in the Meeting Center, there is a maximum capacity of less than 50 people allowed in each and this will be STRICTLY enforced. Our ballrooms both have two sets of doors to the outside which will remain open at all times, ensuring excellent fresh-air ventilation. We have 2-4 HEPA-13 commercial grade air purifiers in place in both rooms as well.  Chairs have been placed in pairs, 6' apart for distancing. ALL chairs are disinfected between check-in groups. Hand sanitizer will be given to the dancers as they exit the stage.  Dancers are encouraged to keep masks on while dancing, but it is not required.  Masks may be removed onstage just before dancing (we have a dedicated location onstage to put the masks, or dancers may hold them while dancing), however masks WILL be required at all times otherwise in the ballrooms and on the museum property.

Where do I get my award?

Results for the grades competitions (beginner, advanced beginner, novice, prizewinner) will be posted on our social media (which is also on this page below for anyone who does not use Facebook/Instagram). There will be a table near the museum entrance/check-in desk where you may pick up your medals!  All prelim/champ awards/results will be announced and distributed at the Freight House just next to the Meeting Center (see map).

Will you have vendors?

RUTHERFORD SHOES will be present from 7:30am - 2pm in the Meeting Center Lounge. If you are interested in shopping, just stop by the check in desk and they will let you in!

LIGHT REFRESHMENTS: the museum has kindly offered to provide light refreshments (water/coffee/small treats) in the Meeting Center Lounge. This venue is in a RURAL location, so please pack food and water as the nearest Cafe is offsite about 12minutes in Scottsville, NY. 

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