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Genesee Country Village and Museum


Enter and Enjoy

The Grounds of Genesee Country Village and Museum

While the indoor stages, concessions, vendors, results/awards are all located in the front loop of the museum, behind it all is the entrance to the Historic Village, a true gem and gorgeous backdrop for our dancers.

Step Back In Time

Tour the Historic Village

Located past the main loop, enter through the red arch and be transported back to the past. Featuring buildings and farms from the colonial era and beyond, the Historic Village features live actors in historic dress, bringing the past to life in front of your eyes!  


A Magical Place

On Gorgeous Grounds and Gardens, History Comes Alive

Interested in learning more about our feis venue, the Genesee Country Village and Museum? Download their app in your  iphone/android app store for maps, photos, and more!

Venue : Meet the Company
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